Welcome to the Mauston Habitat ReStore!

Our Mission:
1.  Provide funds to our local Habitat for Humanity.
2.  Provide affordable materials to the public.
3.  Keep usable materials out of our landfills.

What’s a ReStore?
We sell new and used home improvement items to the public. 100% of profits go toward providing housing for local, low-income working families. We accept donations of reusable building materials, furniture, and home improvement items. Donations to the Mauston ReStore provide an instant tax deduction. We recycle materials that would otherwise go into our landfills.

What our amazing customers say about us:
“…the best ReStore by FAR.” ~ Claudia C.
“Nice and clean and very organized! ~ Tammy M.
“The store is really spiffy.” ~ K.L.C.
“Amazon paint is great! Kudos to the Mauston ReStore for stocking this great product!” ~ Jen L.